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Swissbody® is a Centre of Excellence for Pilates Teacher Training and Education, which has focused on high-quality Pilates training since its inception in 1998.

It is not what we teach, but how we teach it, that makes the difference in the caliber of instructors graduating from the Swissbody® Pilates Academy. 


Why become a Pilates teacher?

Becoming a Pilates instructor is a commitment and a dedication to a set of principles and to a method that encourages a lifetime of physical and psychological development and evolution.

An accomplished teacher embodies these principles and conveys them to clients and the community in a way that cultivates a sense of well-being and personal growth. This requires an ongoing mastery of the full repertoire of Pilates exercises, along with a deep understanding of how to safely and skillfully challenge a client to achieve his or her full physical potential and mental wellbeing.

Whether you are a passionate Pilates student interested in mastering the art of teaching, or already a Pilates or movement science instructor, dance teacher, sports coach or physiotherapist seeking to advance and perfect your knowledge and fine tune your teaching skills, Swissbody® can provide you with a programme encompassing beginner through to advanced level teacher training as well as a broad range of continuing education courses to help you become an inspiring, accomplished and responsible instructor.

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What People Say About Us


Looking forward to be inspired to always more excellence as that is what training with you is about.


Student, South Africa

When I was starting with Pilates in Germany by myself with a book from Lynne Robinson I never thought that I will have the chance to come to Swissbody in Switzerland one day in my life. But things changed. I am remember clearly my first phone call with Susan and my following visit at Swissbody. It was a completely different and so interesting world.

Now, for more than ten years, I regularly travel from Zurich to Geneva – sometimes more than once a week. My teachers there train me in such a committed, detailed, safe, systematic/logical and deep way that I am very thankful having the chance to work with and learn from them. The way they work my body and mind makes a real difference. They have such endless knowledge and experience.

And like Einstein was saying: “The more I know, the more I realize that I know nothing” – I hope I can learn even more from them.


Student, Switzerland

Cher Markus,

Par ces quelques lignes, je tiens à te remercier à nouveau pour le cours de samedi. J’ai beaucoup appris et j’apprécie énormément la manière dont tu nous transmets toutes tes connaissances. J’ai travaillé aujourd’hui avec mes clients, en commençant par la respiration magique! Les retours sont excellents! Tous ont été impressionés d’avoir fait une leçon entière de Pilates debout.


Student, Switzerland

I came to Swissbody Pilates after several years of chronic foot, leg and back problems. Thanks to personalized attention, a holistic method and a very pleasant human relationship with the teachers, in particular with Susan Arena, I was able to resume walking and exercises without pain. The results are already felt after a month. Swissbody Pilates is the ideal place to take care of your body and mind.


Student, Switzerland

Susan, I’d like to thank you very much for the Matwork II course you gave.

Thanks to your teaching methods and your invaluable knowledge, I have been able to appreciate the full dimension of the Swissbody Pilates method. Both in its depth and in its rigour, by introducing new exercises and passing them on to the group in the best possible way. 

Thank you Markus for the very enlightening private lesson you gave me to help me better understand the method.


Student, France


We are so blessed to be able to learn from two such incredibly skilled teachers such as yourself and your remarkable mother.

I really am so grateful to have come across this form of Pilates, it’s everything I was looking for and more. Exciting times lie ahead!


Student, South Africa

Thanks to Swissbody Centres and Academy for the commitment and excellent approach to all new students. The courses and exercises that are taught in this Academy are at a high professional level based on many years of experience and knowledge. The lecturer, Susan Pepper Arena, is thorough in all her explanations.

I recommend Swissbody Centre and Academy to all potential certified Pilates instructors, in this Academy your investment will be returned with learned techniques and knowledge in the field of Pilates, where rarely will such expert knowledge be transferred to you.


Student, Macedonia

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