Workshop 2: Pilates and Pregnancy

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Workshop 2: Pilates and Pregnancy

Given by Susan Arena, 2nd Generation Pilates Master

Your client announces that she is pregnant! What should you say? What advice should you give her? Is it safe to continue her Pilates classes? If yes, how should her workout be adapted to her needs and what are those needs? Come and join this highly informative workshop to put your mind at ease and learn the right exercises to personalize your Pilates programme for a happy and safe pregnancy.

Pre-requisites, required study hours & prices

Workshop Pre-requisites:
Successful Swissbody Pilates Academy certification through Level 2 and Level 3 Matwork or at least 60 hours teacher training with an internationally recognized programme.

Course Hours:
6 hours CEC

Course times:
10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm

Course Notes:


Course language:
French/English depending on participants

Price of Workshop:
CHF 330

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