Workshop 5: Pilates and the BOSU® Balance Trainer

Next course: 2 December 2023

Workshop 5: Pilates and the BOSU® Balance Trainer

Given by Susan Arena, 2nd Generation Pilates Master.

The BOSU® Balance Trainer is a fun, versatile and challenging piece of fitness and rehabilitation equipment. Professional sports trainers, neuromuscular physiologists and physiotherapists from all over the world use it to enhance concentration, static and dynamic balance, strength, coordination, core stability and proprioception. During this workshop, you will learn an exciting and varying Beginners and Intermediate BOSU® programme based on the Pilates principles and using different variations of traditional Pilates exercises.

Pre-requisites, required study hours & prices

Workshop Pre-requisites
The student must have completed the Swissbody® Pilates Academy Level 3 and Level 4 Matwork course or at least 60 hours of Pilates teacher training with an internationally recognized program.

Course Hours:
6 hours CEC

Course times:
10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm

Course Notes:

Course language:

Price of Workshop:
CHF 330

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