Workshop 3: The Serratus Anterior and the External Obliques: The synergy

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Workshop 3: The Serratus Anterior and the External Obliques: The synergy

Given by Susan Arena, 2nd Generation Pilates Master.

We all know that correct core stability is essential for efficient and safe movement. When we mention the « core » most people think of the contraction of the pelvic floor and the Transverse Abdominus muscles. When Joseph Pilates spoke about the « core » he was including pelvic and scapular stability because they should function TOGETHER (full body movement)! It is all about a « CHAIN OF ANCHORAGE », a « SYNERGY » that will enable a full and optimal control of the body at all times.

Susan Arena is fascinated by the link between the Serratus Anterior and the External Obliques, part of what she calls “the front/back sandwich”: “these muscles should be considered as one.  They cannot function efficiently alone; they must work together”.

During this stimulating and dynamic workshop (which Susan Arena has already presented in Spain and in Russia) Susan will take the students through a brief anatomical study of these muscles and then integrate them into the importance of the correct functioning of the entire “Pilates core” (the anchorage chain). The participants will then be able to discover and feel this fascinating “synergy” first while experimenting with some simple Pilates Matwork exercises and then in a more and more complex and demanding way on the Pilates equipment.

    Pre-requisites, required study hours & prices

    Workshop Pre-requisites
    The student must have completed the Swissbody® Pilates Academy Level 3 and Level 4 Matwork course or at least 60 hours of Pilates teacher training with an internationally recognized program. It is highly recommended that all participants have been certified for Pilates equipment work and/or they have a very good personal knowledge of the Pilates equipment work.

    Course Hours:
    6 hours CEC

    Course times:
    10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm

    Course Notes:

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    Price of Workshop:
    CHF 330

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