Workshop 2: Parallel Pilates®: Standing pole precision and alignment workout.

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Workshop 2: Parallel Pilates®: Standing pole precision and alignment workout.

Given by Maestro Cav. Giuseppe Arena (

International choreographer, founder of the “Arena Method”, creator of the method “Parallel Pilates® and specialist in correctional techniques for top level dancers, skaters and athletes or for physical disabilities.


The “Standing pole precision alignment workout “.

Maestro Giuseppe Arena often says: “Let the results of our work speak for themselves”. Based on his vast experience (as a dancer, choreographer, and trainer of many European, World and Olympic figure skating medalists), he has created this thought-provoking programme using a pole. This simple accessory is used for improving balance and, more importantly, for heightening awareness of the central line of the body and for helping clients to learn to correct their own alignment.

Everyone (not just top athletes and dancers) needs to move their body correctly and efficiently whether to avoid unnecessary wear and tear of their joints or prevent clumsy movements which could lead to falling and/or injuries. How many times do we hear about someone injuring him or herself during leisure sports like golf, skiing, jogging, playing tennis, etc.? All these injuries could be prevented through better understanding of one’s own alignment, the body’s central line (the axis) and how to move correctly.

During the workshop Maestro Arena will describe and elaborate on his philosophy of physical training and the importance of the Pilates key principles.  He will then teach a challenging programme (on the mat and standing) for intermediate to advanced level clients to heighten awareness of the importance of good alignment and the understanding of the “central line of the body” (the axes) while equally emphasizing the importance of adapting the exercises to individual needs.

What is Parallel Pilates® ?  

Giuseppe Arena’s well-known Parallel Pilates® programme is a combination of cardiovascular and physical training based on the key principles of Pilates. By combining cardiorespiratory exercises with stretching, core work, balance, strengthening exercises and speed (reactivity and rhythm), the body is challenged in many ways making it more agile, stream-lined, better balanced and, all the while, achieving greater stamina. The Parallel Pilates® method (a perfect complement to the Pilates Method) is highly appreciated by clients (men and women of all ages and fitness levels) as well dancers and athletes of all levels.

Pre-requisites, required study hours & prices

Workshop Pre-requisites
Pilates teacher and/or movement professionals (including but not limited to physiotherapists, osteopaths, kinesiologists, sports and performance science professionals, dancers and dance teachers) and for anyone who would like to know more about their body and who would like to learn about this wonderful training technique based on all the Pilates principles.

Course Hours:
6 hours CEC

Course times:
10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm

Course Notes:


Course language:
French/English depending on participants

Price of Workshop:
CHF 330

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