Reformer: Beginners & Intermediate

Next course: 12 – 16 August 2024

Reformer: Beginners & Intermediate

Swissbody® Pilates Academy Equipment program is divided into separate courses for each apparatus, including Reformer, Cadillac (Trapeze Table), Wunda Chair, Barrel (Spine Corrector) and Ladder Barrel. For each of the above-mentioned pieces of equipment, the courses are divided into one course for beginners and intermediate level and another course for advanced and super advanced. Completion of the entire program and the exam for each piece of equipment provides the individual with internationally recognized certification to teach up to the level achieved in private and semi-private classes.

The number of participants in these courses is limited to 10 for the sake of quality training. Course notes are provided in English. The courses are given in English and/or French depending on the participants.

Who benefits from this course?

All individuals who have completed the Level 2 and Level 3 Matwork and especially those who have completed the level 4 and 5 Matwork, will find these courses critical for expanding their knowledge of the Swissbody® Pilates Method from Matwork to the various pieces of equipment. Swissbody® also accepts students who have completed other Pilates programs with a minimum of 60 hours of course time, at least 40 hours of personal training, an ability to proficiently perform the advanced Pilates matwork and at least 40 hours of observation or teaching experience in a Pilates studio.

Pre-requisites, required study hours & prices

Exam Pre-requisites
Before the course:
Successful completion of Level 2 and Level 3 Matwork exam
10 hours of personal training on the Reformer before the course, 20 hours in total.

After the course: 
Minimum 10 hours of observation at a Swissbody® recognized studio. Students who have already started to teach Pilates in other Pilates studios or who have started to work for themselves, are no longer expected or admitted to do observations hours in the Swissbody® Centres. Swissbody® highly recommends that these students continue to regularly follow Pilates classes for their personal training so as to improve and deepen their understanding of the Method.

Before or after the course:
Current CPR/First Aid Certificate

Course Structure:
40 hours (5 days)

Daily Course times:
9am – 1pm & 2pm – 6pm

Required Observation:
10 hours – no charge (*information above)

Required Personal Training:
10 hours before the course, 20 hours in total

Total Hours per Course:
70 hours

Price of Course:
CHF 2’100

Exam Fee:
CHF 240

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