Master Class A. The Pelvis and the Pelvic floor
Master Class B. Joint Hypermobility

Next course: 7 May 2022

Master Class 3A. The Pelvis and the Pelvic floor
During this workshop, you will learn the anatomy of the pelvis and how it functions. Using his studies of the Franklin method, Markus will teach the images that help to increase the power, the alignment and the flexibility of the pelvis and the pelvic floor. To balance the muscular action, you will discover the natural rhythms of the bones, which allow the smooth running of the pelvic joints. In return, it will help to protect and thus increase the safety of the lumbar spine. Markus will also teach specific Swissbody® Pilates exercises that help to alleviate sacro-iliac problems and some of the Franklin ball and/or roller exercises for the pelvis.

Master Class 3B. Joint Hypermobility
Joint hypermobility simply means that one’s joints move more than most people’s can. If several joints are affected doctors may refer to this as generalised joint hypermobility. Hypermobility itself isn’t a medical condition and many people don’t realise they are hypermobile if it doesn’t cause any problems. It might even be an advantage in certain sports and dance. However, some people with hypermobile joints may have symptoms such as joint or muscle pain and may find that their joints are prone to injury or even dislocation. People with joint hypermobility need to work their body differently and it is extremely important that Pilates teachers know what to do with people with this syndrome. During this master class, Susan will explain what joint hypermobility is, will mention the psychological aspects often linked to being hypermobile and how to recognise that a person has joint hypermobility. She will then look at certain Swissbody® Pilates exercises and study those that are the most appropriate for safe, positive and long-lasting results.

Pre-requisites, required study hours & prices

Workshop Pre-requisites
Successful Swissbody® Pilates Academy certification through Level 2 and Level 3 matwork or at least 60 hours teacher training with an internationally recognized programme or movement professionals (including but not limited to physiotherapists, osteopaths, kinesiologists, sports and performance science professionals, dancers and dance teachers).

Course Hours:
4 hours CEC per Workshop

Course times:
(A) 9am-1pm & (B) 2pm-6pm

Course Notes:

Course language:

Price of Workshop:
CHF 225.00 per workshop (A) or (B)
CHF 430.00 for both workshops

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